Wild Honey

Project Scope: Naming, Logo Design, branding, signage, interior design, photography, graphics

Wild Honey is a boutique hair salon in Waterford, Ireland, situated quite prominently in the city’s ‘Viking Triangle’.

As this project was for a salon, much of the nature of the work was about capturing mood, style and image. It was about packaging the experience of the salon and the people that worked there. The proprietor Laura Cooke already had strong ideas about colour, ambience, tone and personality that she wished to convey. We worked together to translate her ideas into the branding and design decisions that shaped the space, inside and out.

During a research interview Laura made a lovely insight; “when your hair is done, the rest of your style looks intended.” It was a pivotal moment for the identity.  A loose but sculpted logotype emerged, confident and intentional in its semingly carefree nature.

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