Project Scope: Logo Design, branding, website design, graphics and illustration

Slí is a charity on a mission in Ireland's southeast. The route to it’s vision of a global community working together to ensure an equitable and sustainable future for all starts small. It starts in local communities, in homes and schools. It asks everyone to take responsibility and to make changes by providing the advice and knowhow on how to go about this.

Slí is also the Irish word for ‘way’ which was central in designing the identity.

The branding for Slí was envisioned as something that was lively, exciting and accessible. We worked on an an identity that could keep its integrity while being playful. The simple double arrow motif placed as the fada over the "i" is the start of a path. It can grow, layer or gather. It can become a trail or a window. Being this dynamic invites play, speaks clearly to child and adults alike and can make simple big issues.

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