Hennessy & Furlong

Project scope: Naming, strategy, logo design, branding, website, art direction

Hennessy & Furlong provide unique travel experiences for discerning travellers of Ireland. They invite you behind the scenes to enjoy privileged access into places that are simply closed to most. Privately owned castles, towers, manor houses and estates are some of the unique places where one can meet and engage with the people living and working within. The offering is unscripted, authentic and leisurely and tends to take on a life of its own. The results are truly meaningful, memorable travel experiences.

The identity was designed around a number of themes. It needed to look old and established, almost as it could be found chiselled into centuries old stone. It also needed to look prestigious, as Hennessy & Furlong experiences are specialised events and as such caters to the more discerning traveller.

The identity also evokes discovery. The castle in the motif is half hidden, half revealed and the gateway is open... welcoming you inside.

Visit the website: www.hennessyfurlong.com

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