Need a logo and brand identity but don’t know where to begin?

Jason Cooke

Begin at the end.

Picture yourself many years from now. Imagine that the journey your business has been on has come to a natural and celebrated conclusion as a well thought of brand. What is it that this brand has become known for? Think of your aspirations and write them as achievements. Think about the changes you hope to bring, no matter the scale and then detail the journey. Now write that venture’s eulogy.

A bit too far down into the future for you to see clearly? Let's start with a review.

Imagine yourself five years in the future, when your business has taken foothold and word has spread. Now write the review you would like to read about your own business from the vantage of a recognised expert in your field. Be objective. Consider it from the outside. How were things before you arrived on the scene? What has your business done? What influences have you made over the years? Where do you seem to be heading? What do people think of you and why? What makes you different?

Finding your stride? Experts are all well and good but what about the customer on the ground? Write another review, or blog from the vantage of your ideal customer giving their interaction… what was it that mattered to them?

Whats this to do with a brand identity or a logo?

Such exercises help unearth the truths and aspirations behind the brand you want. They contain cues that a brand designer will help decode and bring to the fore. Sometimes clients have a real vision for their brand but may lack the means to express it. Exercises like these help all parties gain insight into this vision by considering it in a real world context.

A well designed logo will grow with your business. It will have the capacity for the name and reputation you want to build. When you consider the endgame and reverse engineer, not only will you understand what your logo will stand for but you will also come away with a better understanding of what you want and need your logo to accomplish.

Inform the design
to withstand the test of time.

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